Mazola is one of the trusted brands for cooking Oil in GCC, associated with taste and quality. Mazola cooking oils are 100% pure oil with no additives, All Mazola oils are cholesterol free and have become a healthful tradition.


  • To increase the Market share for Mazola cooking oils in the GCC market, especially in UAE region.
  • To get interest of GCC media to write about the health traits and quality aspects for Mazola oils
  • To help launch Mazola new products apart from Oil.


  • INTO-ALL as the appointed agency for Mazola, designed and implemented an integrated PR strategy focused on creating awareness for Mazola Oils
  • Influential commentators were approached to talk/write about Mazola Oils on different forums
  • Influential bloggers, catering to target audience such as mothers, homemakers, chefs, cooking experts, were approached by INTO-ALL team and they were encouraged to use Mazola products, to generate positive reviews on their platforms
  • Well known Chef Hatun, was appointed as the brand ambassador for Mazola, her presence on various platforms was leveraged to create noise for Mazola products.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Event – INTO-ALL suggested a Breast Cancer Awareness Event, Fadia Al Taweel along with other cancer survivors and patients were invited to talk about the symptoms to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Oncologists were also invited to share their views - the event was a huge success in involving target audience and creating visibility for Mazola across GCC
  • INTO-ALL also invited Zahra Breast Cancer Association to participate in the event.


  • Massive media response, across local, regional and national channels (print and electronic)
  • The continuous positive coverage about Mazola Oils, led to increase in the demand for oils within 6 months of time.
  • Regular favorable comments and positives reviews on healthy aspects of Mazola products resulted in winning the award for “Product of the Year” by Mazola lite Mayonnaise.
  • The demand for Mazola corn oils has incredibly increased, and it is considered one of the safest cooking oil to consume by households.
  • More than 68 impressions were obtained for Breast Cancer Awareness Event Itself – it was covered by most of the tier one media outlets.
  • The breast cancer event became an important topic of discussion for media and influencers.

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